Monday, 30 November 2009

Long time since i have done this

It has been a long time since I have even thought about doing this but for some reason today i remembered my password :O surprised me too lol .
Lots has been happening since last time . For example i am well into my gcses now and god they are hard . I am almost 15 soon and not sure that there is much different between 14 and 15 except you can (legally ) go see 15 films but you know lol .Many kite festivals have happened this year and I have had a great time at the ones I went to.
As from the gcses I never realised how much homework there would be but got to get your head down. then there is maths well don't get me started on it , I am meant to have this okay teacher but the thing is they think i am aiming for a A* so I have to do extra homework and have a horrible teacher too. While the others play bingo all lesson :(

My sister is now at the same school at me which is really annoying most of time because she comes up to me all the time and asks questions just to show that she knows me :( and then all her mates come over and well yer lol.

Also during the half term we spent a few days in oxford which is a nice place.We also went to Shakespeare's house too and where his mum used to live and had a great few days.

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