Wednesday, 22 July 2009

last day of being yr 9 at all

today was the last of school because I am now starting the summer holiday. Not much really happened , but we didhave to work for first lesson but to be honest it was not much work we just had to decide what to do our coursework on. Then the whole on yr 10 (9) and 11(10) had a ytm ( to people who dont know what that means it is basically an assembally ): in it was a band doing beat it but they sounded like the chipmunks at the begining because the mic was funny. Then this boy called cieney sung red by daniel merryweather, he was so good at it . After ytm we went to pe and wedidnt really do anything becasue we had to have breack so miss just told us that our sports leaders tops will be ordered in semptember and about the course. Then in science we watched a bit of galatica before we got to go home for the summer woop woop. It was a boring fillm anyway i am not into the sciencey fiction stuff but hey its better than doing any work i suppose. When I got homei didnt really do much but when my dad got home he had got me some lychee and i reall really like it so that was nice. lets just hope the weather gets better for the summer. By the way that picture at the top is just a little picture i was sent by my grandpa and i thought i would share it.


  1. "not into the sciencey fiction stuff" - Galactica is great !!!!

  2. yer but not when all you want to do is start the summer holidays lol