Thursday, 23 July 2009

not much today

I haven’t done much today. I thought I would have a lazy day seeming as it is the first day of the holidays. When I did wake up my mum had already gone out so I was home alone so I managed to get to watch “ Big Brother” seeming as it is banned when her or dad are in the house. I do have to admit though it is slightly boring, but hey what else is on at 9 in the morning????

Before my sister came home because she was at a friend’s house last night, I thought I would go on the wii fit. I decided to do some yoga. It is actually pretty fun, well until it tells you to lye on the floor with your face up to the ceiling and put your legs behind your head with your shoulders and head still on the floor. It hurts but I managed to do it . well at least now I am all stretched out.

When my mum did get home she didn’t have my sister with her so I asked if I could do some cooking and she said yes. That is when I got funny. First I looked in the cook book, and then I decided I would make something out of a Indian cook book because it looked simple. Well you know when they say simple on TV what the mean is that it has no fun in it. These fritters I think they were, well I thought it was the things that I sometimes make when I got to my granny’s house but they weren’t they didn’t even taste half as nice as hers. I think this is because these ones that I tried to make today were mainly flour and water, and you know that taste. It’s so plain. Any may I gave up making them half way through because I didn’t have the right oil anyway that’s a whole other story.

You know how you think oil is oil, well I do anyway. It said you have to fry them in sunflower oil, we only have olive. So mum told me to go down to the shop, they only had vegetable oil. I thought vegetable oil would do, but it doesn’t. Well at least I know for next time any way.

I think I might go to bed early today so not really very interesting though.

although the fritters did not look as nice as the ones up the top


  1. Oil certainly isn't oil. Try doing your chips in Duckhams !

  2. i meant as in any sort of oil is just the same