Thursday, 13 August 2009

had a good week

Not been up to much really but had a great weekend with fiends and had great sun shine too. Spent alot of time down the river so we could cool down. And alot of time in the park on the swings
thats it from me really speak to you soon

Monday, 3 August 2009

not said much for long

The reason I have not said much for long is because i have not been up to much for the past couple of days. But this weekend was different, we went to pride festival in Brighton which was fun but after pride we went to a party at manky and Tina's house (thank you for the invite) which was great and got to see everyone again which was nice because allot of people there I had not seen in ages. As the night progressed they got through more and more bottles, so it got louder and louder. Then when it was time to go I stayed while some lovely friends were taken to the station because by this time it was getting very wet. Any way the next day I kinda had a lye in (what lye in I can have with a father that wakes up a 5 in the morning)then not much happened that day. and today was really the same