Wednesday, 20 January 2010

today is well today

Today not much happened really but had the last of the four tests I had in a week, which was great because now I don’t have to revise from boring note I had been making so far. I think now I should start to make my note way more interesting. Also today I thought should be the end of ignoring the fact that I need to put my head down and start really concentrating on my GCSEs if I want to get the grades that I am capable of. Also managed to hide from doing an assessment in English because we ran out of time. I really don’t know why they like people who hate standing in front of the class to go up and make a total fool of themselves looking at the floor for about 5 which will be never forgotten, well until next time that is. And there was a reason I didn’t take drama too.

Anyway enough about English. After having my history exam on Monday, my lesson on Tuesday was based on the work we missed when we were revising on the Friday. But it soon lead to our teacher being taught by someone how to do some street dancing. This was amusing to all the class. Until she tried to do a move and suddenly a loud shriek came out and she was stuck in a "crab" and when she started laughing we all did too. There is a video floating around and if I see it I will show it to you.

Also I know I haven't made a blog for ages I just havent really had the time and then forgot about even having this until for some reason sitting in english I remembered that I have a blog sorry about that.

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  1. Trust me on this one - work for your exams. Because if you don't in the future you will be saying "Yes Sir, No Sir" to a total prat who is in every way your inferior, but who made the effort to work for his exams