Thursday, 21 January 2010

well days at school are boring like that

Today didn’t really get off to a good start. I woke up and realized I had 2 hours left to sleep so I went back to sleep. Only to realize that when I woke up I didn’t have much time. So I rushed getting ready for school. Also had a quick look on facebook and found that video of Miss Bamford. here is the video

I got to school and had a boring CTM, for those of you who don’t know the school codes and all that it is basically a posh way of saying assembly. So I had that and then was late to biology, but when I got to the corridor most people were outside anyway seeming as they had just had CTM too. Anyway spent that biology lesson getting my notes sorted and all the boring stuff.

Then English when I had to do the dreaded assessment where I forgot most of my lines and just stood up there laughing and looking at my sheet on the floor. Any way that was soon over and went to break. But then I was walking down the stairs talking to someone and suddenly I was falling down the stairs , which are quite hard, and having done that I stood up to find that I had a pain in , yes you guessed it , my bum. I stood up looked around to see who had saw and only one year 11 saw who I don’t even know. I just though well he is leaving in July and so are all the people he was going to tell so I was not totally bothered. Until I got back to class and the person who I was talking to thought it would be hilarious to tell everyone.

And way that out of the way with an embarrassing hour. Then had pe which wasn’t fun with the bum pain but managed it and then the lesson I always see as pointless, PSE. Not much really happened in that except a few of the boys thought it would be really funny to grab my water bottle and start squirting the water everywhere so I went to get my bottle and got soaked well long story but I ended up being the most wet….. Not fun in the middle of January when the teacher wants to open the windows.

But then maths, I mean maths is bad enough without having the worst teacher out of the lot , I mean what teacher thinks that homework is more important than coursework and thinks that we should spent more time on homework than the course work. I mean you are hated enough already. Do you actually want to be hated?

So went home and didn’t really do much except a bit of the course work from science and don’t worry didn’t forget the bleeden maths

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